Bamberg - Stapf's House

The burgher's house, the so-called Stapf´s House, built according to Leonhard Dientzenhofer's plans at the beginning of the 18th century

The Stapf´s House is a representative burgher house on Gruner Markt, built by the Prince Bishop Chancellor Caspar Schlehlein in imitation of the Prince Bishop's residence in Bamberg at the beginning of the 18th century, according to plans by Leonhard Dientzenhofer.

Detailed information


In 1731 the house became the property of the district bailiff in Hallstadt, Johann Peter Stapf. After his death, the building passed to the Stapfsche Familienstiftung, a charitable foundation administered by the city of Bamberg.


he three-storey Baroque ashlar sandstone building with a mansard roof is free-standing on three sides, which emphasises its urban location.

The entrance is flanked by two Doric columns on high pedestals. These bear an entablature with a splayed shield crowned with the owner's coat of arms. On the side pediments are female allegories. The left figure holds a scroll in her left hand and a city gate in her right. The attribute of the right figure has unfortunately been lost.

In the segmented arched field is the coat of arms, which is generally associated with the builder Johannes Caspar Schehlein. The coat of arms depicts three lilies in a decorated oval cartouche.

The sculptural decoration of the portal is attributed to Leonhard Gollwitzer.

Interior decoration

The stucco decoration of the ceilings from the period around 1720-1730 is the work of the important Bamberg court stucco artist Johann Jakob Vogel.


Today the house houses residential and commercial premises.

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GPS: 49.8927917N, 10.8880744E
Stapfův dům